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NOTICE (2015/Dec/12): domain is still under our control. But naming of hosting service we live has changed from (sister site of to OSDN, so please check and update your links / bookmarks etc.

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What is FreeWnn?


Current (alpha) version: 1.1.1-a023

NOTE: We don't officially have a client implementation now. (You can try uum ( terminal frontend for Japanese) by adding '--enable-client' with the configure script, but it is experimental.) Please use (for example) Tamago (for Emacs), kinput2, im-ja and other clients using libwnn.

You can get current (alpha) source code via Release Files section of the project page. We recommend the current version.

The latest development code is hosted in the CVS repository of OSDN . You can view the source tree through the web via CVS Repository page. To get code via Anonymous CVS, you can do like the following:

cvs login
(Password is not needed, so you just press return when password: prompt appears)

cvs -z3 co FreeWnn

Please see Code repository list section of project page for details.

Mailing Lists

We currently have two mailing lists.

Notice: FreeWnn mailing list (freewnn at tomo gr jp) has been closed (Part of archive in Japanese) .


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